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BUILD-UP type “OP10”

These polyester kerbs fitted on the finished floor guarantee, with their height of 10cm, a perfect mechanical and hygienic protection of floors and walls in catering kitchens, cold rooms, clean rooms, behind machinery, sanitary rooms, washing rooms,.... This kind of kerb is suitable for new and refurbishment projects. They can be fitted with concrete as well as epoxy floors.

Since the kerbs are delivered prefabricated on site, no further finishing works have to be done. Temperature and humidity don't affect the hardening process of the polyester kerbs. Using a wide range of prefab accessories, will raise the mounting speed considerably , reducing labour cost effectively.


  • mechanical protection of hygienic walls in catering rooms, cold rooms, clean rooms, behind machinery, sanitary rooms, washing rooms,.,…
  • waterproof and sanitary connection between floor and wall no hollow spaces behind the kerbs, which can contain bacteria
  • rounding from the wall to the floor according HACCP regulations

  • shape and material completely conform HACCP regulations
  • easy to mount
  • completely prefabricated, no supplementary finish on site.
  • modular system using a range of accessories (angles, corners…)
  • reparable
  • interchangeable
  • does not deteriorate

  • polyester concrete, covered with a smooth, armed polyester coating upper side angled (45°) towards the wall, base rounded towards the floor
  • advantage polyester concrete :                            
       no water absorption
    __good contact surface for the coating
    __hygienic surface 

  • glued to the wall and the floor with a flexible glue,
    this glue is available in tubes of 300cc or bags of 600cc
  • mounting instructions are available on demand

  • horizontally with sanitary silicones, at the top and bottom of the kerb
  • vertically with sanitary silicones, at the joints between the lengths.

  • height : 10 cm
    length : 1 m
    thickness : 2.8 cm

  • standard : white
     •  inner corner
        prefab polyester piece with vertical rounding and  identical wall-floor connection
    •  outer corners
outer corner with rounding and identical wall-floor connection
    • door posts left/right
      angled pieces (45°) 
    • vertical pipe section 
      hollow kerb shell to accommodate drains, pipes etc. 
    • frame for column
      box frame, shaped identically to the kerb, delivered with a filler kit (concrete, grout), for protection of large drains, metal columns etc.



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