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Air Coolers Classic Line
The Air-Cooler Solution for commercial Applications. Here you will find Aircoolers for Packed Goods, Dairy Products and beverage Cooling.

Hygiene-Air Coolers SG industrial are built for all Cooling and Deep Freezing applications, especially for sensitive and non-packed goods.

Unit cooler SG
SG air coolers are unit coolers for cold as well as freezing rooms.

PEP Continuous Defrost Coolers
The PEP Air Cooler is comprised of two separate Heat Exchangers that are supplied with coolant on an alternate basis.

Dual discharge cooler DZ
DZ air coolers are dual discharge air coolers for cold as well as freezing rooms.

Unit cooler DEA.D, DEB.D
DEA.D, DEB.D air coolers are unit coolers, built especially for sectional cold cabinets and for smaller cold rooms.

Blast Freezer BF
The Blast Freezer BF is constructed for fast, efficient cooling/shock frosting.

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