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AC&R Panel is  an innovative full range of modular coldrooms. It provides optimal option for storing food in hotels, restaurant, catering, services, supermarkets and industrial kitchen, among others. 


Cold room
High quality industrial production of easy assembling and fast installation cold stores, compliant with hygienical and environmental regulations and made of quality materials.
Cold stores models are available in a wide range of typologies and dimensions, ideal for restaurants, pizza shops, foodstuff shops, green groceries, florist, hotels, canteens, hospitals, chemistry and pharmaceutical laboratories, supermarkets, storehouse for frozen products, workrooms for ice-cream and confectionery, warehouse for foodstuff and for fruit and vegetables, slaughterhouses, dairy industries, maturing storehouses and for all the professional refrigeration requirements.

Intended for houseing crucial telecom & electronic equipments under proper temperature control. AC&R Panel shelters are made from high grade sandwich panel with PUF as core that give excelent insulation.


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