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Cold room

Easy Asembly
AC&R Panel coldroom are very easily assembled, in a surprisingly short time. It can be set up from within which maximize usage of the room area and ceiling. In a few hours the new cold room is ready for operation without interfering with the activities in the surrounding areas.


Customize cold Rooms
Customized Cooldrooms, give user the ability to create their own size of Coldrooms with maximum high up to 16 M.

Diamond Cold room
Innovative by design and cavernous in capacity, The diamond has been created to maximize unused space in the kitchen. Nesting snugly in the corner, The Diamond may be used as a cold room or freezer and its stylish will compliment existing kitchen decor.
Its a space-saving walk-in refrigerator thats fits your corner. 
Key Feature :
Stylish Italian design
Energy efficient
Commercial quality
Design your own shelving
Save money 
Easy instalation 

Cold Storage 


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