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Digital Thermometer TPM - 10
LCD display . Insert panel. simple appearance, two button batteries, used for longer time.
Technical parameter:
Measuring range : -50°C~+70°C
Distinguish : 1°C
Accuracy : ±1°C ( ± 2
Power : DC1.5V AG13
Product size : 47.8×28.5×14.3 mm
Screen size : 36×16 mm

Digital Thermometer DST - 10
Full closed moistureproof disposal; insert panel design; sun-energy battery and chargeable battery; free maintenance for a long time; adapt to refigerator and chill cbinet.

Technical parameters:
Temperature measuring range :-50°C ~ +70°C
Display resolution : 0.1°C
Accuracy : ±1°C( -10 ~ +20.0℃) others ± 2°C
Sampling period : 10s
Sensor conducting wire : 1.5m
Power supply : solar cell supplying power
Using environment : illuminance : ≥ 200 Lux humidity : 5 ~ 85% ;
temperature : -10°C~+45°C
Dimension : 140 × 36 × 16mm

Digital Thermometer DS - 1
Two probes can measure two-place temperature. Switch between C and F Clock function with unique appearance.
Technical parameter:
Measuring range : -50°C~+70°C
( -58°F~+158°F )
Distinguish: >-20°C is 0.1°C
≤-20°C is 1.0°C
Accuracy : ±1°C
Power : DC1.5V
7# alkaline battery (optional)
Product size : 117.5×30×27.2mm
Screen size : 33×12mm

Digital Thermometer WT - 1
Pen style, stainless steel sensing tips, direct measuring, portable, wide me-asuring range, applied to refrigerant, heating and food processing etc...
Technical parameter:
Measuring range : -50°C~+300°C(-58°F~+572°F
Distinguish : 0.1°C
Accuracy : ± 1°C (-20°C~+80°C)
± 5°C (other range)
Power : DC 1.5V AG13 button battery
Product size : 20.5×206 mm
Screen size : 21×8 mm

Digital Thermometer WT - 2
Fashionable appearance, stainless steel sensing tips, lengthened wire, box design, convenient to store, inner bracket, wide measuring range, applied to industry, agricuture and refrigerator etc...
Technical parameter :
Measuring range : -50°C~+300°C(-58°F~+572°F
Distinguish : 0.1°C
Accuracy : ±1°C(-20°C~+120°C)
±5°C(other range)
Power : DC1.5V 7#alkaline battery (optional)
Product size : 107×66×24mm
Length of prope pole is 198
Screen size : 33.5×14.5mm

Digital Thermometer WT - 3
Lengthened probe design, sensor with ventilating cover protection More prompt and precise on temperature measuring Can memorize the present and marginal temperatures Alarm when exceeds the temperature limits
It is really an excellent tool for temperature measurement. WT-3 can be widely used in Refrigeration, Car, office and housing environments.

Main technical parameters:
Temperature measuring range :
Accuracy : ±1°C-20°C~80°C
, ± 2°C (other range)
Resolution : 0.1
Power : DC1.5V; one 7# Alkaline battery

Temperature measuring, switch between °C and °F
Data-Holding function
Memorize the Max./Min. measuring temperature value
Alarm when exceeding the temperature limits

Digital Thermometer DCT - 1
Non-mercury-contained unit that is safe to use and can protect the environment.
LCD display and easy to read.
Buzzer alarms when measurement finished.
Only 1 minute fast measurement.
Can measure temperature by putting it under the tongue,
under the armpit or inside the rectum.

Measuring range : 32°C~-43.9°C
Size(mm) : 139x22x12
Accuracy : -± 0.1°C
Resolution : 0.1°C
Weight : 12 Grams (with battery included)

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