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testo 545   Check light intensity – With site management
The light intensity in workplaces must fulfill minimum values and have to be checked regularly. Using the software, a site list can be stored and individual luminous intensity values can be connected to form a curve. This light profile provides information on the uniformity of the lighting.
- Stores up to 99 file locations
- Logger function (3000 readings)
- Multi-point or timed mean calculation


testo 816   Sound level measurement – To DIN/IEC 60651, Class 2
When compared to testo 815, the larger model has additional features which make it ideal forassessors, work place measurements and for measuring industry and environmental noise.
- Automatic range switchover
- Backlit display
- BarGraph display
- AC output to connection from recorders
  and amplifiers
- DC output with 10 mV/dB to connect
  recorders ordataloggers 


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