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Semi-conductor technology


With MURCO Fixed Monitoring Systems for refrigeration leaks, you can configure controllers and remote sensors to meet your requirements for point or perimeter detection. You can monitor most common refrigerants or ammonia.

Controllers are available using one or two sensors (shown here) or four or six sensors.

The system first emits an intermittent siren and constant orange illumination at the low level, about 100 ppm. At the high level, usually about 1,000 ppm*, the siren is continuous and LED is red to signal a condition that requires immediate action.

To help minimize false alarms, allsystems wait until certain of gas in the air before signalling.

Voltage-free relay switch can activate ventilation or remote alarms, or report to control systems. The system features two relays.

To help resist harsh work environments, controller circuitry is in a coated steel housing. The maintenance-free sensors are protected in a high impact ABS casing. All components are designed for long-life with mechanical strength and chemical resistance. Sensors will not be poisoned by prolonged exposur e to refrigerant.
Easy installation

Controllers and sensors mount to any flat vertical surface. For point detection, mount the sensor(s) near the most likely leak source. With perimeter detection, sensors surround the potential leak area. Sensors operate from -29°C to 50°C. From below -7°C to -40°C use with environmental enclosure.
Semi-conductor technology
provides a cost/performance balance that makes MURCO systems an attractive alternative to electro-chemical or infrared systems.
*High levels: R-123 is about 300 ppm; ammonia about 150 ppm.

Single sensor system
Connect the single sensor refrigerant controller (far left) or ammonia controller to the single matching refrigerant or ammonia sensor.

Twosensor system
Connect the refrigerant controller (far left) or ammonia controller to two of the same matching refrigerant or ammonia sensors.


A sensor element mounted in an area of high condensation, low temperature to
-40°C, or direct airflow can experience a fast temperature drop causing a false alarm. This vented enclosure maintains the proper operating temperature around the sensor for alarm reliability.

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