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Sensors must be powered according to the instruction manual and be within the cable length from the control unit.
  • Do not mount in areas of high heat, direct solar heat, wetness, dampness, or where condensation may form.
  • Do not mount to piping or any structure subject to vibration.
  • For perimeter detection, place sensors around the area in question to monitor the entire space.
  • For point detection, place a sensor(s) at a point where you are concerned about a leak, i.e. at the compressor.
  • For heavier than air gases, place sensors close to the ground.
  • For lighter than air gases, place sensors high on the walls or ceiling, but convenient for maintenance.Note: Ammonia is lighter than air at normal temperature but heavier in a cold room.
  • Take room shape into consideration and mount sensors downstream of any air flow.
  • In hot rooms, hot air rises to form a barrier below the ceiling and prevents gas from getting to a ceiling-mounted sensor.

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