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Steam Humidifier


Steam, as is well known, is the most natural means for humidifying the air. Moreover, it is surely sterile and so it can also be used in those environments that require maximum hygiene such as in hospitals, pharmacological laboratories, etc.
Our humidifiers are of the immersed electrode type. In fact, they have electrodes that, immersed in water, cause the passage of an opportunely water itself which, is heated, just like a normal electrical resistance, until it reaches boiling point.
A microprocessor built into the machines control all the operation parameters ensuring maximum efficiency with a minimum expenditure of current.
An ample liquid crystal display shows all the main data regarding the operation of the humidifier and which can be easily accessed with the appropriate keyboard.

Avaiable accessories :

1 . Steam nozzel
Built in plastic , can be used in small air ducts or conditioners.
Supplied with drain 12 mm. or 22 mm. or closed with hole to be made by the customer.
2 . Stainless steel ( AISI 304 ) linear steam distributor
Provided with bracket for air duct installation. Dimensions subordinated tothekindofapplication. Their innovative shape guarantees an optimal steam distribution without any dripping.
3 . Ventilated steam distributor MV300/30, MV300/20
Separated ventilation units, installable directly on the steam humidifier or in remote possition, for steam distribution into the enviroment. Absolute absence of any dripping even in the most critical working conditions.
4 . Piping for steam distribution and condensate discharge
Available in 22 mm. and 30 mm. diameter for steam distribution, and 8 mm, diameter for condensate discharge.
Model UV 3000 capacity 3 kg. per hour, 230V 50Hz
Model UV 13000 capacity 13 kg. per hour, 400V 50Hz

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