| Semi - Hermatic Screw Compressor |



      Our very modern semi-hermetic compressors of the ".2-Generation" cover the whole application range with one technical concept, regardless of whether traditional or chlorine-free HFC refrigerants are used. The latest innovation is the "Octagon Series" which offers very small installed dimensions, universal application, minimum energy consumption and high running smoothness.
      All our semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors, distinguish themselves with the same robust valve plate construction, the high quality wear resistant drive parts, the high efficiency suction gas cooled built-in motors and the long proven oil-return-system.
      For low temperature application with R22, compressors are available in Varicool, Booster and CIC designs.



      For the extreme low temperature range our highly efficient 2-stage reciprocating compressors were developed. Specific feature is the 2-stage compression process. The compression ratio is divided, thus avoiding extreme operating temperatures and achieving very reliable operation. Two further features, the direct suction and the optional liquid subcooling, significantly increase the refrigeration capacity and thereby the efficiency of the system.
      The 2-stage compressors can of course be employed with modern chlorine-free and thereby environmentally benign low temperature refrigerants



      Our customers are installing this design world-wide where open drive is an advantage. Fitted with the proven ".2-Generation" construction parts they employ a high quality metal bellows shaft seal, resulting in the following important advantages: suitable for all current refrigerants, especially NH3; facility to flange-on standard motors with a coupling housing or for belt drive, approved for explosion proof zones..
      In addition to the fast running compressors a world-wide demand still exists for our classic 0-VII series. We believe this is due to the legendary reliability, ease of service and the possibility to use modern chlorine-free refrigerants