Our air dehumidifiers are simple refrigeration cycle appliances which, put in the room to be dehumidified, recycle the air and gradually remove the excessive humidity.
By lowering the humidity in the air, the humidity absorbed by the furniture, by the walls, and every other object present in the environment is also reduced, thus preventing the formation of moulds, bad smells and eventual damage to the more delicate materials.

The humidity absorbed by the environment is collected n the form of water in a special tank equipped with a level control or is directly discharged to the drains.
In designing these appliances we took special care in the choice and dimensioning of the various components with the scope of offering our clients machines that guarantee optimal efficiency with a minimal energy absorption and that ensure a long operative period without breakdowns.
The first detail that immediately catches the eye is the body: it is not plastic but sturdy galvanized steel sheets onto which is applied a sheet of scratch-resistant plastic with a relief stamped surface that gives it a pleasant aesthetic aspect and guarantees maximum protection against corrosion.
Furthermore, the whole bodywork is coated internally with a layer of noise absorption material to reduce noise to a minimum.
The internal structure is made of very thick, hot galvanized steel sheets and the refrigeration circuit is made of quality components and amply dimensioned to obtain maximum efficiency with a minimum current absorption.
The defrost device, that removes the ice that forms on the inside of the machine when the environmental temperature drops, more or less, below 15°C, is controlled by an electronic card loaded with an algorithm that reduces the defrosting time to a minimum to maintain machine efficiency at a maximum under all operating conditions.

The condensate collection tank is amply dimensioned (capacity about 6L in the NADER MIDI series, 12 L for the NADER), it is built so as to prevent the water from overflowing when the machines is moved and it has a cover that can be opened (only the NADER MIDI series) to allow internal cleaning.
All models are fitted with a humidistat, tank full control and a connector for continuous condensate drain.
The latter is situated at the bottom of the tank to prevent water from stagnating resulting, in the long run, in the formation of algae and bad odour. If the continuous water drain should get blocked the machine water level control should stop it, thus preventing overflow and flooding.
The environmental air is sucked in at the front of the machine and is expelled out at the top, so that it can even be placed between two pieces of furniture and the wall, reducing the floor space occupied to a minimum.
The dehumidifiers of the NADER MIDI series operate on the refrigeration gas R134a, whereas the NADER operates on R407c: both these gases are “ecological” for the maximum respect of the environment.
All these qualities make our machines efficient and long lasting with characteristics that normally are only found in professional appliances.
Model and capacity available :
NADER MIDI 2 02          capacity  13.3 litre per day  at 30°C  80% RH  
NADER MIDI 3 02          capacity  21    litre per day  at 30°C  80% RH  
NADER MIDI 4 02          capacity  26.8 litre per day  at 30°C  80% RH