NEB 6500

Adiabathic humidifier
The adiabatic humidifiers are machines that, in order to evaporate the water needed to humidify, use the heat contained in the same means which has to be humidified, i.e. the air.
Their main characteristics are in fact a low power absorption and a lowering of the environmental air temperature being humidified. The latter characteristic represents a sort of “free cooling” which is highly appreciated in many applications.
The machines we produce use centrifugal force to atomise the water and so they need neither compressed air nor high-pressure pumps.
This operating principle makes them practically insensitive to deposits of scale and so they can operate using any kind of drinking water with a reduced need for maintenance.
Model NEB 6500 can also operate on demineralised water.
In designing these machines great importance was given to the simplicity of construction and the choice of the components to ensure a long period of operation without breakdowns and with as little maintenance as possible.
Model and capacity available :
NEB 6500        capacity 6.5  litre per hour  
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These machines are equipped with two electric motors: one operates the humidifier unit and the other operates the fan.
Two models are built with different air-flow rates; they also have a connector for fitting a air distribution sleeve which makes it possible to distribute the humidity uniformly even in very long environments.
The humidification capacity can be adjusted by simply adjusting the amount of water supplied.
They can be operated with any kind of drinking water supply (not demineralised). They operate with running water and the water that is not atomised is drained off.

Typical applications are in mushroom growing, hothouses, animal breeding farms, germination rooms, textile industries, etc.
Model and capacity available :
UCV 52        capacity 35 litre per hour , free outlet air flow  3400 m3/hr
UCV 63/6   capacity 35 litre per hour , free outlet air flow  6100 m3/hr
UCV 63/4   capacity 35 litre per hour , free outlet air flow  7600 m3/hr