The dehumidifiers we produce are simple refrigeration cycle appliances which, introduced into the environment to be dehumidified make its air to re-circulate, gradually removing the excess Humidity.
These machines were studied to be used on building worksites or for drying flooded premises or in any other circumstance that requires an efficient means for removing the excessive humidity. They make it possible to accelerate the drying of walls during painting, plastering walls, the floor beds before wooden panelling, parquet is laid, etc., greatly reducing work times. The machines permit rapid reconditioning of rooms that have been flooded.
Designing these dehumidifiers maximum importance has therefore been given to sturdiness and manoeuvrability of the machine even on uneven ground. For this reason they are equipped with long handles for better and comfortable holding and large-diameter rubber wheels.
Considering that the aim of those that use these machines is that of drying in the shortest possible time, they are not equipped with a humidistat which would otherwise stop the machine even if drying is not complete. Only the NADER YARD PRO is set up for use with an external humidistat which is supplied on request.
The defrosting device, which removes the ice that is formed inside the machine when the environmental temperature drops below 15°C, about, is of the “hot gas” type and is controlled by an electronic card equipped with an algorithm that reduces defrosting time to a minimum to maintain maximum efficiency of the machine under all working conditions. This device also allows the machine to operate at a very low temperature: +2°C.
All the machines operate using an ecological refrigerant R134a or R407c

Model and capacity available :
NADER  MIDI YARD 02     capacity 26.8 litre/day at 30°C  80%RH
NADER  YARD 02              capacity 53    litre/day at 30°C  80%RH
NADER  YARD PRO          capacity 81    litre/day at 30°C  80%RH