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MFD10    Digital Capacitor Tester

With it’s one hand operation, the MFD provides the fastest measurements for capacitor values.

Applications :
- Verification of Start and Run Capacitors
- Checks for open and short Capacitors
- ldentify unmarked Capacitors
- Confirms weak Capacitors
- Use as continuity tester

MFD10   Digital Capacitor Tester

- Range 0.01 to 10,000 mF
- Accuracy ± 5%
- Test clip storage within case
- Alligator clips to capacitor terminals
- LED display
- One button operation
- Operates on one 9V Battery ( not included)
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Digital Pressure Gauge

The DPG500 Digital Pressure Gauge is an Extremely accurate, pressure gauge that operates on a standard 9 Volt

With its universal pressure sensor, it can measure presssure of a liquid, gas, steam and more.

DPG500 Digital Pressure Gauge -14 to 500PSI, 1/8" NPT

- Universal Pressure Sensor (Liquid, Gas, Steam, etc…)
- Range:-14 to 500 PSI
- Large1/2"high LCD display
- 9 Volt battery operation
- Concealed battery compartment
- Accessible Zero adjustment screw
- Power Saving "ON-OFF" switch
- Standard 1/8" N.P.T. brass male connection
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Digital Vacuum Gauge
Suitable for field or laboratory use, the VG64 delivers high precision at a low price.

VG64   Digital Vacuum Gauge

- Ultra fine resolution: 1 Micron when vacuum 200 Microns
- Reads vacuum in 7 international units
- Display updates every 1/2 second
- Convenient built in hanger
- Cleaning port provides quick cleaning and drying of sensor
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