Founded in 1918 as a manufacturer of machine tools, air compressors, liquid pumps and as vehicle motor repairers, Dorin started building compressors and refrigeration systems in 1932. Dorin has produced semi-hermetic compressors since 1957 and today they are the core business of the company. Today Dorin are able to offer a vast range of over 70 semi-hermetic compressors ranging from 0.4 HP to 150 HP for both HFC and HCFC s to better meet the requirements of the market. To these are added a series of 2 stage compressors and a full range of accessories. Efficiency, reliability and robustness are the principle characteristics of our compressors which are ready to face the stringent challenges and requirements of the new millennium. Quality, Quality and Quality: this is Dorins? commitment. Quality of suppliers. Quality of components: each single component is subjected to rigorous testing to ensure compliance with strict specifications. Quality of Production: each production phase and each compressor is continuously monitored and tested to rigorous standards. The resulting data is archived and available at our clients disposal. The various phases are followed and controlled in accordance with the Quality System ISO9001-2000 certified by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance (Certificate No. LRC 170322). All compressors are built and produced in accordance with the applicable European Norms: EN 292 - 1/2, EN 294, EN 60204, prEN 349, EN 60529, IEC 336-1, IEC 335-2-34. The CE marking on each compressor plate and our Declarations of Conformity are testimony to our build quality.



      Semi-hermetics for industrial applications. Modern rotary compressors suited for universal application, especially efficient and robust , compact design, low weight, high performance density and low investment cost. In addition there are more significant advantages:
  • Highest possible cooling capacity and COP by Economiser operation.
  • Built-in capacity control.
  • Long-term durability by patented lubrication system and generously sized bearing.
  • Able to operate in trans-critical conditions.
     Dorin’s CO2 compressors suitable for commercial refrigeration installations and heat pumps systems.  


Basic specifications:

  • Type of construction: semi-hermetic piston compressor
  • Displacement: 3,5 m3/h – 25,4 m3/h
  • Number of cylinders: 2
  • PED (EU Pressure Equipment Directive) approved with PS = 163 bar and Pss = 100 bar
  • Suitable for frequency control
  • Forced lubrication with oil pressure monitoring via differential pressure sensor 
  • High performance both in terms of refrigeration capacities and COP
  • Robust & compact design achieved with the most advanced calculation methods
  • Allows high standstill pressure
  • Low pressure pulsation levels
  • Improved bearing design
  • Enhanced valve plate design
  • Generously dimensioned shaft support