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Euroscan RX + TX Temperature Recorder


  • Modular thermal printer for numerical/graphical reports, supplied as standard, or can be retrofitted later
  • Simple user-friendly menu controlled operation
  • Language selectable by user
    Automatic summer-winter time adjustment
  • For Single or Multi-compartment vehicles including full alarm functionalityRecording of door opening, defrost, fridge operation
  • Easy programmable configuration, for various transport requirements
    Data transfer to PC and/or software update via fast Infra red connection
  • Fully open design for integration with other vehicle system solutions

The Euroscan X2 is tested and certified by the TÜV in Germany to comply with all national and european regulations including;

  • EU Richtlinie 92/1/EU
  • EU Richtlinie 93/43/EU
  • EU Spezifikation EN12830

The Euroscan X2 Temperature Recorder ensures you an undisputable, reliable quality registration.

All temperatures can be monitored and registered into memory, at pre-defined intervals. The 512KB memory allows storage of up to 3 years of Data.

A flexible approach to configuration is the key to meeting the different requirements in various types of transport.

All Euroscan X2 recorders are capable of recording data from 1 up to 4 compartments and for each com-partment up to 4 different alarms can be assigned, depending on the load.

Events like door openings, refrige-ration and defrost are easily moni-tored and can be printed out as
an event report and used for precise trip analysis.

When using the optional fast thermal printer, reporting could not be simpler. With one button the driver has access to all relevant reports like delivery ticket or a numerical/graphi-cal journey report.

All user and supervisor functions are easily accessible via the button panel, or with a PC via the infra-red link. This link is also used for the rapid downloading of data into the host computer Windows based software.