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Industrial leaf doors, whether automated or not, ensure sealed closure, while providing for frequent passage of vehicles and staff.
Fitted on rigid posts specifically designed for the openings, these flexible P.V.C. doors feature easy fitting:
One post, made of steel, aluminium or rigid plastic, is prepared to be customised to the opening.


Leaf doors are therefore the ideal doors when a high level of sealing is required; one can appreciate the ability of a full opening, the looks, food grade qualification, thanks to stainless steel posts, and the ability for motorising at a lesser cost.

There is little chance of blocking the passage in case of a failure.

See-Thru Doors are ideal for all Industrial and Commercial applications including Factories, Food Processing Plants, Transport Terminals, Retail Stores, Supermarkets, Cool Stores, Meat Works, Hospitals etc.

Constructed from tough resilient PVC and a drawn steel frame, they have proven
to be the ideal answer for functional style dividers 
See-Thru Doors have the advantage of opening with a light push of the hand trolley, forklift truck or transport vehicle and automatically close after entry.

Despite their great flexibility, they keep out draughts and dust, are noiseless in operation and act as a barrier between areas of different temperatures. Being completely clear, they give an unrestricted view of oncoming traffic and, if required, will remain open in the 90° position.

Advance feature SEE-THRU Doors

Flexible See-Thru Swing Door Frames are fully weld construction (No rivets or bolts are used in the manufacture of frame). Approx. 100 mm overlap of panels and unique free-hanging method of framing PVC ensures a perfect seal under all conditions. No buckling, no tearing, no uneven hanging.

Standard finish of all door frames in zinc chromate base, hammertone grey enamel. Optional finish: hot dipped galvanised frames, for cool rooms, freezer rooms and food preparation areas. Powder coating is available on request.
With patented self-closing ball hinges Flexible See-Thru Doors are adjustable over a wide range of closing pressures. The lower frames are protected against accidental collision by minimum point of fracture shear pin. Doors will remain open in 90° position if required and will close positively under a light push.

Swing Door Selection Guide
TYPEApplicationMaximum SizeDoor Panel
Medium DutyPedestrian and Non- Motorized3600mm H x 3050mm W5mm Thick
Medium DutyPedestrian and Trafic only2900mm H x 2400mm W5mm Thick
Heavy DutyIndustrial and fork lift Truck3660mm H x 3050mm W7mm Thick
Heavy Duty (Tandem Head)4200mm H x 3600mm W7mm Thick
Notes : single doors are available in both medium and heavy duty types.