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Compact temperature and humidity data loggers with external sensors


Product Highlights
Stores min. and max. history for up to 24 hours or 30 days
Water and dust proof (IP65)
LCD display for immediate viewing
Built in temperature and humidity sensors
External sensor for additional data collection
Infra red communication to a PC or portable printer
Recording sample rate selected by user
Memory capacity of 16,000 samples
Compact device (the size of a stopwatch)
Rugged exterior built to handle any conditions


Product Line

EC600 Temperature data logger
EC 650 Temperature and relative humidity data logger


The Fourier product line is the optimal solution for various transportation applications that require data recording and monitoring systems. All Fourier products are designed to withstand the harsh and extreme environmental conditions that are typical for transportation applications. In addition to data recording, the wireless communication provides drivers with continuous realtime monitoring and sound alerts throughout the journey.

Food Storage

Fourier MicroLog products were selected to monitor the freshness of all food supplied to the athletes at the Sydney Olympic Games. Food boxes and containers were continuously monitored using MicroLog. The ability to add external sensors as needed optimizes the way food is stored and