According to requirement, our honeycomb products can be processed into varied sandwich panel.Clients can choose different materials like as Polypropylene or Polycarbonate for the core.

Also different surface materials are vailable, such as steel,Al,wood,reinforced fiber glass,and etc.

Honeycombs with small pressure losses are widely used when it comes to sound reduction and air guidance in ventilating application. Most of the thermoplastic air guidance systems for commercial show case application are based on the technology developped in our technical headquarter in Germany. Features like corrosion resistance, fungi resistance, small pressure losses and the free choice in colors give these products their unique position in the market

The uniform collapsing of the tubes in the TUBUS honeycombs system leads to an outstanding energy absorption behavior.


PP honeycomb :

Specification: PP8-80 ( Cellcore diameter is 8mm,capacity is 80kg-90kg/m3 )

PP12-70  ( Cellcore diameter is 12mm,capacity is 65kg-75kg/m3 )

In order that clients can apply honeycomb to combine with different panels easily, on the both sides of honeycomb we can laminate kinds of non-woven fabric tissue.Now we can provide with  PP8-80T30, PP8-80T30F, PP8-80T60, PP8-80T60F, PP12-70T30, PP12-70T30F, PP12-70T60, PP12-70T60F.

T30 mean tissue is 30g/square meter , T30 can prohibit parts of epoxy resin or glue leak into cellcore. Most clients choose PP8-80T30 for use.

T30F mean tissue 30g/square meter with PP film ,T30F make honeycomb combined with tissue more tightly so honeycomb with T30F can be put into application without other panel.

T60 mean tissue is 60g/square meter , T60 can prohibit more epoxy resin or glue leak into cellcore so client can save resin by using T60.

T60F mean tissue 60g/square meter with PP film ,T60F make honeycomb combined with tissue more tightly so honeycomb with T60F can be put into application without other panel.

Light weight, high compressive strength,anti-water,anti-humidity honeycomb can be used as structure in floor,ceiling, wall. Besides PP honeycomb can cut down body weight ,increase speed, save energy when honeycomb structure make guarantee for body strength. Hereinforce our PP honeycomb widely used in boat, yatch,port,bridge, truck  body, building, FRP and so on.


 PC honeycomb:

PC have excellent compressive strength. We provide PC3.5-90 and PC6-70.

PC honeycomb have excellent properties like as following:

1. Cellcore uniformality,inside smoothness,cleanness,surface level off.

2. PC is safe for using as airflow in showcase.

3. Lower shrink rate when temperature drop to  -30 °C.