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testo - Humidity Measurment

testo 605  Measure ambient condition - Flexibly and easily
The humidity measurement stick you can bend Small , compact and accurate. The long-term stable sensor guaranntees correct measurement results even after years of use.
- With dewpoint calculation °C td  ( testo 605-H1)  or psychorometric wet bulb temperature calculation °C Tw ( testo 605 H2 )
- Himidity sensor unaffected by water
- Can be attached to pocket using clip

testo 608-H1 / H2   Monitor Ambient Conditions - Efficient and Accurate
The affordable standard testo 608-H1  hygrometer measures humidity, temperature and dew point. with LED alarm function for accurate signals when limits are exceeded.
- With dewpoint calculation °C td
and Max/Min value display
- Himidity sensor not affected by condensation

testo 625  Long - term Drift - free thermohygrometer
- Displays temperature and relative humidity / wet bulb temperature  / dew point
- Max / Min values
- Hold button to freeze readings
- Display light
- Auto - Off  function
- TopSafe, instrument protection against dirt and knocks