testo 205   One-hand pH/°C measuring instrument – Robust and maintenance-free
A robust food penetration pH/°C measuring instrument with automatic temperature compensation. The robust penetrationmeasuring tip is interchangeable and not affected by dirt and dust thanks to the hole diaphragm.
- Combined penetration tip with
  temperature probe
- Measuring tip can be changed by user
- Maintenance-free gel electrolyte
- Backlit display
- Audible key feedback
- 2 line display
- Automatic full-scale value recognition
- 1, 2 or 3 point calibration possible


testo 206   Compact pH tester – For liquids
The pH measuring instrument for fast checks on liquids. The combination of pH immersion tip and temperature probe for fastand efficient temperature compensation is unique.The Testo pH probe is leak-proof, maintenance free, robust and not affected by dirt  thanks to the large volume of gel electrolyte and the dual wall diaphragm.
- Maintenance-free gel electrolyte
- Built-in temperature probe
- 1, 2 or 3 point calibration possible

testo 230   Compact pH/°C measuring instrument – With selection of probes
A complete pH measuring instrument and a high standard thermometer in a compact, water-proof (IP54) housing.
- Probes for liquid, semisolid and solid food
- Display of calibration data and error messages

testo 240   Compact conductivity/°C measuring instrument – With range of probes
testo 240 is a complete conductivity measuring instrument and a high standard thermometer combined in one compact, waterproof housing. Measurement errors caused by high conductivities and deposits on the electrodes are avoided thanks to the 4 electrode engineering used. The salt level (NaCl) in an aqueous solution can be measured directly.
- Long life of measurement cell  thanks to 4 electrode engineering
- Extremely wide measurement ranges with only one measurement cell