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" Miatech "  Produce Misting


Produce Misting

Miatech Produce Misting Systems are solutions for produce dehydration, affecting its appeal, quality, and freshness. It pays you back with a reduction in weight loss and waste. With Miatech products we guarantee results:

  • Doubles the self life of your produce
  • Cuts your produce waste by 50%
  • Stops your weight loss
  • Helps produce retain greater vitamin content
  • Improves the fresh look of your produce
  • Fast return on your investment


    Other features:

    • Mist tips turn off/on
    • No dripping. Instant on/off
    • RO Water filtration (optional)
    • Low maintenance cost
    • Easy and friendly to service

    • Fine mist that is friendly to the customers
    • Near invisible look
    • Patented bacteria resistant mistbar
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