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Sensor and controller are combined into a single, compact unit that can be hard wired into any outlet or power supply and detects leaks in the area.

The unit emits a continuous siren and constant red LED illumination at about 100 ppm. This early warning gives technicians time to find the leak while refrigerant concentration is still low. With adjustable delay, the monitor waits 0-5, 10 or 15 minutes to avoid false alarms before signalling. Siren can be switched off.

Two voltage-free relays can activate ventilation or remote alarms, or report to control systems. Can also be connected to dedicated 16 unit panel. Expandable indefinitely by connecting control panels.
The IAM complies in full with EC regulation 2037/2000 and European standard EN378.


One level of alarm

  • Two Relays to switch 24V at the pre-set alarm level, auto or manual reset selectable by jumper.
  • Adjustable delay to avoid false alarms, selectable by jumpers - 0, 5, 10 or 15 minutes
  • Local alarm indication, siren and red LED
  • Siren activated or deactivated, selectable by jumper
  • Mute button for siren
  • Two wire signal to an optional remote Murco panel which can indicate which sensor is in alarm - 16 channels max. Up to 16 panels can be connected to another 16 channel panel allowing expansion up to 256 sensors. You can expand further by multiples of 16.

Approximate Dimensions:

87 x 147 x 61 mm (Surface Mounted Version)
87 x 147 x 29 (Recessed Version)