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LOGiT Data Loggers

The LOGiT Series Data Loggers are the second generation of Supco’s
            DL Series Loggers. They are designed with the latest technology and
            are intended to accommodate technological advances for years to
            come. They are economic, compact and easy to use.
            Select the right LOGiT Data Logger for your application along with
            the Windows compatible LOGiT PC Software and Interface Cable (LLS).
            Choose a sample rate, make desired connections and LOGiT!
            • Store over 10,000 measurement points
            • 1 second to 18 hour sample rate; 1 second increments
            • Custom user identification (30 characters)
            • Real Time data monitoring
            • Over/Under Alarm threshold settings
            • Visual alarm indication
            • User selectable Recording Start
            (Specified date & time, immediate after setup or on door close)
            • Tamper proof
            • 20 month battery life (at 1 minute sample rate)
            • Data rollover option
            • Unique logger ID
            • One PC Software operates with all loggers (p/n LLS)
            • Graphic or text data
            • Zoom capability
            • USB interface optional (p/n USBS)
            • 1 year warranty

LT2 Temperature Logger (internal and external)
One Internal and One External Temperature Measurement, Simultaneously
-  temperature range : internal sensor  0°C   to 60 °C  with Alkaline battery
-  -40 to 65 °C   with Lithium battery
-  Temperature range : external sensor  -40°C  to 65 °C


LTT  Dual Temperature Logger
2 Independent External Temperature Measurements & Temperature Differential
-  temperature range : internal sensor  0 °C to 60°C with Alkaline battery
-  -40 to 65 °C  with Lithium battery
-  Temperature range : external sensor   -40°C  to 65 °C

LTH  Temperature and Humidity Logger
Integral Temperature, Humidity and Dew Point Measurements
-  temperature range : internal sensor  0°C  to 60 °C   with Alkaline battery
-  -40 to 65 °C  with Lithium battery
-  Temperature range : external sensor  -40°C  to 65 °C

LPT  Pressure and Temperature Logger  
External Pressure and Temperature Measurements
For Pressure and Temperature Sensitive Applications:
Compressor Run Cycles
Testing New Installations
Pneumatic air lines
Tracking Intermittent Problems
Superheat Measurements

LCV   Current and Voltage Logger  
External Current Probe and Voltage Measurements
For Simultaneous Current and Voltage Monitoring:
Compressor and Fan Run Cycles
Troubleshooting Intermittent problems
Verification of Power Conditions

The THA2 is a multi-function product that monitors Temperature, Humidity and Dew Point, provides alarms for out of range conditions and continuously logs data. No computer setup is needed.
Measures and Logs
• Temperature
• Humidity
• Dew Point
• Audible and Visual Alarm
• Digital Display
• Log up to 170 Days of Data
• Relay Contacts for Remote Alarm or Auto Dialer (ADTA)
• PC Software Included
• Serial Port Connection(for USB connection use optional
  USBS adapter)
• Remote Sensor Up to 300 ft