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Blast freezer   Unit cooler
Deep-freeze store rooms, large cold rooms

this floor unit coolers series is ideal for all sectors where fast freezing of food is necessary, for example industries preparing meat, poultry, fish, bakery, dairy, ice cream, ready-to-serve meals, etc. Blast freezer unit coolers are designed for applications with R404A, R507, NH3 and CO2. The application range is:
FLT series with R404A, from 14 to 71 kW (Te=-40°C ΔT1=5K)
FLA series with NH3, from 16 to 99 kW (Te=-40°C ΔT1=5K)
FLC series with CO2, from 18 to 107 kW (Te=-40°C ΔT1=5K)
The refrigerant charge is lower than comparable products on the market, which will have a positive effect both on your budget and the environment. To further support your budget targets, Blast Freezer Unit Coolers offer low electricity consumption and smart solutions for easy installation and maintenance.

The standard configuration has:
-  aluminium casing painted RAL 9010
-  piping in copper for FLT series
-  piping in stainless steel for FLA and FLC series
-  12 mm fin spacing
-  630 mm fan diameter
-  motor fan type: 3 phase 400V 50/60 Hz
-  external static pressure of 100 Pa

The following customizations are available upon request:
-  casing in stainless steel or galvanized steel
-  special fans for high static pressure
-  different defrost systems (electric, hot gas, etc.)
-  different fin spacing
-  different coil protection


Light Cubic unit Coolers PH and PM series
Cold rooms to small and medium cold storage

PH series fin spacing 4,0 mm for temperatures 15 ÷ 2°C
PM series fin spacing 6,0 mm for temperatures 2 ÷ -20°C

The heat exchanger coil is produced using a new geometry designed specifically for refrigeration, with high efficiency corrugated surface “TK” aluminium fins and ½” diameter copper tubes internally grooved.
The casing is made in RAL 9010 painted galvanized steel with some parts in ABS thermoplastic resin.
All models use single-phase 230V-50/60Hz fan motors with IP54 protection and internal thermalcontact. Four different diameters of fan motors are available: Ø300, Ø350, Ø400 and Ø450 mm with a number of fan motors from 1 to 4 for each single fan diameter.
Each fan is equipped with a connection box for electrical wiring.

The PH and PM unit cooler series can be equipped with:
- Electrical defrosting system
- Three-phase 400V-50/60Hz fan motors
- Air streamers


Radial Unit Coolers with radial fans THT -TBT SERIES
for large rooms and warehouses

The most important innovation introduced by this kind of unit cooler is the use of radial fans instead of the centrifugal ones. The simple design and the wide range of available radial fans allows a broad response to all the market’s needs not only for the high available external pressures but also for the reduced resulting sound pressure levels mostly needed in cold rooms where stored products are handled by personnel available for long periods of time, like in the food industry.

The radial fans are fitted on the air cooler using a complete fan and casing assembly taking the place of traditional fan. The choice of the radial fan depends on the requested cooling capacity, the available static pressure for the air distribution sock and the requested sound pressure level.


Industrial Unit cooler

Newly designed cubic and dual flow industrial unit coolers, suitable for all applications and HFC and HCFC refrigerants.
The capacities, air flow and electric ratings are declared, verified and certified according to the ENV 328 norms by the laboratories of the TÜV- Technische Überwachung Verein Institute in Bavaria, Germany.

The heat exchanger coil is produced using a new geometry designed specifically for refrigeration, with high efficiency corrugated surface “TK” aluminium fins and 1/2“ diameter copper tubes internally grooved for direct expansion (D) and 5/8” diameter for pump operation (P) and flooding (N).
The coil is tested to 30 bar, and all of its components are checked in accordance with the company’s stringent production specifications and quality control requirements.

IHT, IMT e ILT series Industrial unit coolers:
IHT series: fin spacing 4,5mm for high temperatures 15 ÷ 2°C
IMT series: fin spacing 7mm for medium temperatures 2 ÷ -20°C
ILT series: fin spacing 11mm for low temperatures -18 ÷ -35°C

DHS, DMS, DHL e DML series double flow industrial unit coolers:
DHS/DHL series: fin spacing 4,5 mm for high temperatures 15 ÷ 2°C
DMS/DML series: fin spacing 7 mm for medium temperatures 2 ÷ -20°C
All the unit coolers are pre-charged with dry air in order to ensure that the refrigerant circuit is free of humidity and perfectly clean.

The casing is manufactured in aluminium, protected and constructed in order to provide maximum strength and simple interchange with different operating and defrosting systems available. The casing made of STAINLESS STEEL AISI 304 is available on request.

All models use double speed three-phase 50 Hz fans with IP54 protection and internal thermalcontact.
The DHS/DMS series use high speed delta connection fans (4 poles).
The DHL/DML series use low speed star connection fans (6 poles). The effective performance in star mode is equal to Qn x 0,82.
Single-phase, single speed fan-motors and for 60Hz are available on request.