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AAA-TELEC : Flexible heating components and elements
AAA-TELEC company is bringing out standard heating wires, tapes and cords used for de-icing, demisting refrigerated showcase cabinets, condensate outflowing and cold room door framing.

Cord IC type

.  Framing of cold room doors and negative cabinets
Doorstep of cold room
.  Demisting of refrigerated showcases

Cord BS type
BS cords have both cold tails at the same end ; they are mainly used in condensate draining pipes, in negative cold rooms.
Available with 40W/m, they can be installed in every kind of condensate draining pipes.

. Industry : To warm surfaces and volumes (freeze industry, electronics, automotive, antennas, tables...).
.  Household appliances : Heating elements for domestic equipments (refrigerators, freezers, plate-warmer, heating baskets...).
. Horticulture : plant-cutting, propagation, forcing

Heating cable
Heating wire is component of every heater shown on this site ; it is used to manufacture as well cords and tapes as mats and pannels.

Cord CB type 
. Condensates draining
No condensation for electronic cases
. Temperature maintenance for process heating 

Cord FH type
Floor heater ( ref. FH ) is used to prevent ice from a negative cold room floor ; FH cable is fitted inside the concrete of the cold room floor, below the door ; it is laid in the width of the door, 50cm on each side of the door, with rows at a distance of about 200mm, in order to heat from 150 to 175W/m² ; FH heater can heat about 2m² ; for doors of which width is larger than 1.80m, use several FH heaters. 

RAG17 heating tape 
. framing of cold room doors and negative cabinets.
. doorsteps of cold rooms.
. demisting of refrigerated showcases.