Fourier  DataNet

High-End Wireless Data Acquisition System 
The DataNet is a 16-bit data logging system with 4 inputs for direct measurement and recording of PT-100, thermocouple, voltage 4-24mA, frequency and pulse. Data transmission from units to the central computer utilizes the brand new ZigBee wireless telemetry protocol.

ZigBee wireless protocol uses a 2.4GHz license free frequency RF Band. Each DataNet unit also serves as a transmission repeater to neighboring units, forming a reliable mesh network of up to 65,000 nodes. The ZigBee key features include:

  • Reliable transmission insuring no data loss
  • Transmission range can be constantly expanded by 
          adding additional nodes
  • Minimal costs thanks to wire-free infrastructure
  • Portable units facilitating easy deployment in various


    Key DataNet Benefits:

    • Wireless Data logging
    • Internal RH/Temp sensors
    • 4 recording inputs: 4-20mA, 0-1V, Pulse counter, PT100 2-wires, NTC, Thermocouple J, K and T
    • Fully reliable monitoring network
    • Cost effective system
    • Multiple alarms including SMS to any location
    • Long range monitoring
    • Up to 65,000 network units
    • License-free RF band worldwide
    • Operating keypad and large LCD display